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Address:No. 223 Songshan Road,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China

Company Overview

Suzhou Universal-Power is a high-tech enterprise, which was established on May 2003, a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on Solar Energy Storage System,Lithium-Ion Battery,MPPT Solar Regulator and solar inverter. Our products have reached over 100 countries worldwide, famous as a world leading professional manufacturer of cost-effective inverters with high quality and efficiency.
Products from Universal-Power are with completely independent intellectual property rights and core technology for MPPT solar regulator & inverter, the products including 600Wh to 15KWh Solar Energy Storage System, Lithium-Ion Battery,MPPT Solar Regulator for high voltage solar system up to 384V. Hybrid inverter with up to 80A MPPT Solar Regulator.
Universal-Power strictly carries out ISO9001 standard and audit successfully, so we got certificates issued by international authorities such as IEC, CE, ROHS etc. Relying on-class products quality and improved after-sale service, our company has won the popularity of consumers. Our R&D takes the mission to increase the inverter availability and efficiency, putting continuous innovation to make Universal-Power inverter easier for installation and operation, and more cost-effective for the greener world.
In Universal-Power, service is not only the basic principle, but also blends into the hearts of the staff, and reflects in the daily work of everyone.
At Universal-Power, we see the power in clean energy. Our ENERGETIC goal is to bring simple, accessible solar solutions to the marketplace, improving the efficiency and reliability of solar power systems through our innovative products. Universal-Power brings you more powerful solutions for a greener world.