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600W / 1000Wh Lithium-Ion Solar Energy Storage Systems

Lithium-ion Solar Energy Storage are primarily designde for those who either hace limited access to the gaid or who wish to become more energy independent.Whether the intention of the offgeid solar system is for a remote cabin,place of business,or full-time residence;UNIVPO Lithium-ion Solar Energy Storage Systems could be a soulution.




• Plug & Play
• Solar energy storaged by Li-Ion battery,small size, light weight and high energy density.

Intelligent battery management system to extend battery life time

Provide professional cost-effective turnkey solution according to different electricity condition of each customer.

Solar panel life time: 20 years,  battery life time: 8-10 years








Technical Data


Solar Panel (Mono Crystal) 300W 1 PC
Battery(LiFePO4) 1000WH 1 PC
Inverter(Pure Sine Wave) 600W 12/24/48V DC - 110/230V AC 1PC
Solar charge controller (MPPT) 12/24/48V 10A 1PC
Battery charger 110V/230V AC - 12/24/48V DC 5A 1PC
Battery integrated Yes
Size ESS  323*260*353mm Solar Panel:  1950*690*40mm/pc
Weight(kgs) ESS  14kgs Solar Panel:  21.4kgs/pc
Container Loading 230sets/20' 480sets/40'
Application LCD TV,fan,hi-fi equipment,lamp
Working Time 2hrs @ 500w,  4hrs@250w, 8hrs@125w